Adding Shared Emails on Outlook 365

Here is a quick step-by-step guide for adding shared emails onto your Outlook 365 account from your desktop and mobile devices. 


To being, you will need to access your Outlook Preferences which is located at the top left of your screen. 

Under “Personal Settings” select “Accounts” 

Your Accounts window will open and display your live accounts. From here you will select the “Advanced” button towards the bottom right of the window. 

The “Advanced” window will present you with three tab options towards the top: Server, Delegates, and Security. Select the “Delegates” tab. 

The bottom half of the window will give you the option to add shared email accounts. To do so, click on the addition symbol towards the bottom left corner of the window. 

You will then be presented with the “Choose a Person” window where you will enter the shared email you’d like to add. After entering the desired email select the add option towards the bottom right corner of the window (all changes will be automatically saved, feel free to close the tabs once you’ve made any changes from here).

Mobile iOS Device: 

To begin, you will need to open your Outlook App and click on your live email account towards the top left to access your Settings.

Select the envelope icon with the addition symbol

This will prompt you to select the option to “Add Email Account” or “Add Shared Mailbox

Select “Add Shared Mailbox” and enter the desired email account.

Once you’ve added your shared account you’ll be able to switch between emails by clicking on their respective icons.