The Time to Automate is Now

We hear it all of the time. The sales team is spending more time than they’d like doing X, or the accounting team is backlogged because of Y, but there are only five weeks left to hit our goals for quarter end and we need to focus on that. We’ll make those process improvements in Q3.

So why, during a global pandemic the likes of which we haven’t seen for a century, is now the time to embrace automation?

The reason is that every company, whether sales haven fallen off a cliff or are soaring into the stratosphere, needs to be able to do more with less right now. Whether a company is downsizing or just trying to keep up with demand, every company needs five employees to do the work of ten by yesterday.

The company described above was already overwhelmed before this started, they can’t adapt quickly because they’re already behind. Their technology-enabled competitor, however, is able to move quickly, get lean, and adapt with new sales techniques to take advantage of prevailing market conditions.

Simply put, the ROI on agility has gone through the roof. Markets that moved slowly and predictably are thrashing violently. Only those who can adapt quickly will survive. The chaos of the situation presents a unique opportunity to act where others will not.

Automation is the agent of change that turns oil tankers into jet boats, and that will ultimately decide who comes out ahead. It will enable to you pivot quickly and take advantage of new opportunities, to scale growth without scaling costs, and to get lean fast if things take a turn for the worst (or if they already have).

All is not lost for the overwhelmed company above. In fact, now more than ever they’re able to identify pain points and bottlenecks. The rush to remote work has caused managers to become acutely aware of not only what their teams are doing but also how things get done. Efficient and targeted automation will not only remove these pain points, but also erase backlogs, reduce costs, enable visibility, and position the company for success as the world continues to change.

At Oscillas, we specialize in something that we call Intelligent Process Automation. We are experts at delivering the efficient and targeted automation that I’ve described.

We do this by working closely and incrementally. Most companies will come in and prescribe a grand solution that will somehow fit every use case all the time exactly as it ought to be for a massive fee. This is a fantasy. By some estimates 50% of SAP implementations end in failure.

Instead, we identify specific sources of inefficiency, measure them, automate them, and our fee is a percentage of what the processes used to cost. We have savings built in. You can begin automating your company today for less than what you’re paying now, and realize all of the benefits that automation has to provide. Better analysis, increased efficiency, higher agility, and ultimately faster growth.