Reveal your operations.

Bring your

plant online.


It’s simple. We capture production data on the factory floor and send it to our user-friendly platform. 

Artemis Onsite

An unobtrusive hardware made to find data on:

  • Line speed
  • Yield
  • Rework
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Artemis Cloud

A straightforward software where all your data can be seen.

Let us do the work.

  • Installed in 1 Hour.
  • No need for complicated cabling.
  • Collects data from its own sensors.
  • Can operate completely alone.
  • No network drop required.
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Results driven

Financial Reporting

Understand slight variations in performance from the entire operation to SKU.

Detailed Monitoring

See production trends by a single product or across a whole department.

External Integrations

Turnkey integrations with data sources like ERP systems and payroll providers, and BI software like Tableau and PowerBI.

Live Production + OEE

By collecting data directly on the line, Artemis is the key to data on availability, performance, and quality. 

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