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Customizability is the New Edge in Property Management

The obligations of effective property management have inspired an entire branch of technology that otherwise the world did not know it needed. The term prop-tech may sound completely ridiculous, but the seriousness of its scope is not ridiculous at all.   The top players in this world of property technology for many years have provided adequate service to some… Read More »Customizability is the New Edge in Property Management

Don’t Migrate, Integrate

The management platform a firm chooses to rely on for their daily operations quickly becomes fundamental in every aspect of a business. Whether that platform is Yardi, AppFolio, RealPage, etc. that choice becomes a nuisance to change if that platform is not leveling up, especially when it… Read More »Don’t Migrate, Integrate

Oscillas Podcast Picks

The Holiday season is in full swing and if you haven’t already found your favorite Tech Podcast to subscribe to then you’re probably wondering where to begin your audio addiction. Luckily, we’re in the business of helping you (and your company) succeed, so we’ve selected… Read More »Oscillas Podcast Picks