Rapid Property View

Maximize efficiency and drive collections through a clear and comprehensive picture of real-time operations.

Purpose built, endlessly adaptable

Collections sit at the core of property management, but every company’s collection strategy and portfolio are unique. With RPV you can manage every level of revenue management with custom automation, alerting, and analytics. Drive efficiency by replacing manual tasks, stay on-the-ball with real-time alerts, and use business trends to identify areas to improve your business.


RPV integrates quickly with leading property management platforms like Appfolio, PropertyWare, and Yardi. You and your team can be up and running¬†the same day. With RPV’s out-of-the-box dashboards, you can immediately identify operational improvements and measure performance at every level.

Innovation starts where spreadsheets end.

RPV is your key to streamlining ops, improving efficiency, and driving revenue.


Save time and money by automating reporting tasks. Create custom workflows to reduce operational strain and maximize scalability.


RPV’s custom alerts make you aware of new issues right when they occur. Keep up-to-date as issues are fixed.


Use metrics to measure and monitor efficiency. Identify areas for improvement, and measure the effects in real-time.

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