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Modernizing and future-proofing investment management software
CJ Black
All investment strategies generally follow a similar lifecycle. Strategies are thought up (generation), they are tested against historical data (validation), if testing proves well they are put into practice (implementation), and once implemented they are subject to continual monitoring and analysis (confirmation). Last, the cycle repeats itself as strategy improvements follow the generation, validation, implementation, and confirmation loop.

In 2015...
Building and deploying back-office solutions for property management
Jacob Ray Gilman
Ease of communication and process efficiency are key characteristics of any successful business. These traits are especially important in the business of real estate investing and property management.

In 2015, we began working with a client who had purchased and was managing around 100 apartment units in Chicago. Initially, the company's principal had communicated with existing and prospective tenants via his company email and cell phone. At first, this system worked well. It was simple, direct, and ensured that outstanding tasks were immediately dealt with. Though, as the firm's investments had scaled from a couple of dozen units into the triple digits, these lines of communication had become inundated, and this direct method of communication became less of a virtue and more of a burden.

A new system...
Don't let vendor-lock derail your operations
Jess Lopez
Nearly all modern companies rely upon the services of other companies in order to stay competitive, agile, and to focus on growing their core business. Imagine starting a business today without the services of another. Payroll, taxes, web hosting, email hosting, telephony, invoicing, payment processing, record-keeping, government filings, and a litany of other functions would need to be solved for before you could begin actually running and growing your business.

You simply must sacrifice some degree of self-reliance in order to function. That is why stories such as that of Nicolas Beauvais and his company Raisup can cause a shiver to run down the spine of business owners.

Raisup, a French startup focused on using...

Our Clients


Charles Black

Principal Consultant

Charles developed trading strategies using machine learning alongside a proprietary trader before founding a successful financial services software consultancy with Jacob. Their past and current clients include Fortune 500 companies.


Jacob Gilman

Principal Engineer

Jacob led the user analytics team at a consumer-focused fintech startup before founding a successful financial services software consultancy with Charles, where he served as CTO and led the engineering of client applications.


Jessica Lopez

Lead Communications Associate

Leveraging her experience in customer success, Jessica actively manages branding, client-outreach, recruiting, and community involvement as the team's Lead Communications Associate.


Giovanni Smecca

Senior Developer

Giovanni Smecca has deep experience with designing and implementing efficient, reliable, and scalable web applications. As a Senior Developer, he is responsible for seeing client projects through the full application development lifecycle.


Mason Wallis

Lead Graphic Designer

Mason has a breadth of experience with physical product and web design, having worked on projects as varied as album covers, book jackets, and fully-responsive websites. As Lead Graphic Designer, he is responsible for creating brand materials for Oscillas and its clients.

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